It’s almost the King now has an Angel and Devil on his shoulders.

Except the red-themed one is the angel and the white-themed one is the devil.

Is anybody else hoping pouf is given a slow, painful and silent death by the king?


Hunter x Hunter - The Phantom Rouge (Eng Subtitles) Anime Full Movie

The First Movie Hunter X Hunter The Phantom Rouge.(ENG SUBS) The Movie Is Set Around The Yorkshin/Yorksnew Arc . Togashi Yoshihiro Sensai Wrote This Movie Mostly Because He Wanted To Add Things To The Legacy Of His Creation. Though From The Two Back Story Chapters Prior To The Movie Release It Seemed To Revolve Around Kurapika & Pairo.But Killua Seemed To Have The Most Development In This
Togashi Returning To The Manga In June 2014.

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What are you doing, Master?! Get some tissues! Tissues!

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